Annata 365 for Field Service

Annata 365 for Field Service User Guide

Service Order Management

Annata 365 for field service is all about the service order. In Service Order Management you create all the master data needed in terms of service such as operation codes job types as well as creating the Service Order.

Device Management

Using the Device Management starts with the device branding setup. The setup includes setting up the device brand, device class, and model as well as other details such as the device model code. 

Resource Management

Your resources are what help you complete the Service Orders. In Resource Managment you set up all your Mechanics, devices and equipment that need to get assigned to Service Orders and finally schedule them to the Service Orders that you want to get done.

Warranty Claims

In some cases devices do not operate as the manufacturer intended. when that happens the buyer can get reimbursed if there is a clear traceable fault.
Warranty Claims help you optimize this process by giving you access to Fault, Symptom, Cause and Resolution Codes within the Service order easily understandable and shareable with the manufacturer of the device.

Business Management

Business Management in Annata 365 for Field Servicesincludes factors that are used to model businesses, where they operate and which operations they run at those locations. The model can represent various business scenarios, such as: 

  • simple dealerships 
  • dealer groups with multiple dealerships 
  • companies with a mix of rental, sales and service operations 
  • complex ecosystems of automotive businesses, including national sales companies, dealer groups, dealers and locations for sales and service operations 
  • aggregate KPIs to support business analytics 
  • dealer-owned license plates